Life Objectives

I enjoy working as an editorial project manager or internal company communications manager.  My mission is to enhance knowledge development, promote strong ideas, and educate others.  My interests are in the fields of art, education, health, literature,  research, science, and technology.

While I have a deep appreciation for the value of entertainment, fashion, merchandising, social media, and the roles they play in our culture, my professional interests do not include these areas.

Writing and editing play a large role in my life.  The ability to persuade and educate through truth and open and honest discussion, as opposed to force, coercion, or social engineering, remains our most valuable life skill.

I enjoy working in the capacity of communications coordinator, editorial project manager, editorial services manager, or managing editor. I have extensive experience in all of these areas.

Having the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time suits me best.


Jane Eden, Rushcutters Bay near Sydney Australia.


Jane Eden with family in Galveston, Texas.


Co-author and business consultant, Mr. Man with his morning coffee.