Jane Eden Profession Portfolio 

Works listed below are in no way inclusive, they represent samples of my work over the entirety of my career.

Textbooks and Other Scholarly Books Produced for the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2016-2021

1. 2020 Update: SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification and PE License Exam Reverence Guide

2. Analysis of Oil and Gas Performance by Steven W. Poston, Marcelo Laprea-Bigott, and Bobby D. Poe

3. Analysis of Waterflooding by Steven W. Poston, Marcelo Laprea (not yet released)

4. Applied Multiphase Flow in Pipes and Flow Assurance – Oil and Gas Production by Eissa M. Al-Safran and James P. Brill

5. Chemical and Mechanical Methods of Pipeline Integrity by Wayne W. Frenier

6. Data Analytics in Reservoir Engineering by Sathish Sankaran

7. Data Driven Reservoir Modeling by Shahab D. Mohaghegh

8. Enhanced Oil Recovery, Second Edition by Don W. Green and G. Paul Willhite

9. Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores, Second Edition by Rashid Hasan and Shah Kabir

10. Hydraulic Fracturing: Fundamentals and Advancements by Jennifer Miskimins (and 25 others)

11. Introduction to Petroleum Economics by Chris Hinkin

12. Low-Energy Processes for Unconventional Oil Recovery by Mohammad Reza Fassihi and Anthony R. Kovscek

13. Nodal Analysis of Oil and Gas Production Systems by Jan Dirk Jansen

14. Reservoir Simulation: Problems and Solutions by Turgay Ertekin, Qian Sun, Jian Zhang

15. Tight Gas Reservoirs by Stephen A. Holditch, John Spivey, John Y. Wang

16. Unconventional Gas and Tight Oil Exploitation by Roberto Aguilera

17. Waterflooding: Chemistry by Dave Chappell

18. Waterflooding: Facilities and Operations by David Chappell

19. Waterflooding: Design and Development by David Chappell

20. Waterflooding: Surveillance and Remediation by Dave Chappell

21. Waterflooding: Injection Regime and Injection Wells by Dave Chappell

22. Wireline Formation Testing: Hardware, Pressure Transient Testing, Interpretation and Sampling by Fikri J. Kuchuk, T. S. Ramakrishan and Mustafa Onur


Books produced for Lauric Press 2000-2022


1. Fighting Words by Hock Hochheim

2. Impact Weapons by Hock Hochheim

3. Knife Combatives by Hock Hochheim

4. Knife Counter Knife Combatives by Hock Hochheim (out of print)

5. Knife Fighting Encyclopedia by Hock Hochheim

6. Nail Soup by Jane Eden

7. Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin by Paul Schanen and Dave Hunzicker

8. Training Mission One by Hock Hochheim

9. Training Mission One (Second Edition) by Hock Hochheim

10. Training Mission Two by Hock Hochheim

11. Training Mission Two (Second Edition) by Hock Hochheim

12. Training Mission Three by Hock Hochheim

13. Training Mission Four by Hock Hochheim

14. Training Mission Five by Hock Hochheim

15. Sundown Seasons by Dorothy Holderbaum

16. Patina: Native American Cooper Artifacts of the Western Great Lake Region by Paul Schanen


1. Blood Rust Death of the China Doll by Hock Hochheim

2. China Alamo by Hock Hochheim

3. Dead Right There by Hock Hochheim

4. Don’t Even Think About It by Hock Hochheim

5. Last of the Gunmen by Hock Hochheim

6. My Gun is My Passport by Hock Hochheim

7. Rio Grande Black Magic by Hock Hochheim

8. Pseudo Quotes by Dennis Scharnberg

Book Cover Designs



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Magazine Cover Designs

Below are magazine samples.  There are more than 21 in all.




A Finger-Width from Death CQC Magazine

Call of the Wild Woman  – Aspire

Chemical Weapon SavvyCQC Magazine 

Domestic Violence Kills CopsCQC Magazine 

ExoskeletonsHochheim Group Report

Fire At Beaver CreekFamily Circle

Food Allergies – Woman’s World 

George Harrison Fights for His LifeCQC Magazine

Health Insurance  Tsunami  – Surviving Life Magazine

How to Survive Dog Attacks – CQC Magazine 

Hypoglycemia and Criminal BehaviorCQC Magazine 

Sudden Chest BlowsHochheim Group Report

Surviving Nuclear AttackCQC Magazine 

U.S. Marine Blackbelt CourseCQC Magazine


Professional References

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Reference – Froehlich

Reference – VanCook 


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UNT – Editing Sample 1

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Professional Recognition

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